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Playlist of the Week: Catharsis of Humanity

Bringing back ye ole playlist of the week. I know its been a minute but check out some of these brutal songs. https://open.spotify.com/embed/user/acwiklinski/playlist/6jU6H5N54diksA2P73AU0M Featuring: 1. Vatican Falling– Catharsis 2. Oppressor God – Mechanical Manslaughter...

Las Vegas Metal: Fallen Suns (from L.A.)

Savage Annie sitting down with Garrett Bower and Jimmy Durish from L.A. based band Fallen Suns. Most recently having played in Vegas at Count’s Vamp’d on May 26th.  They headlined a killer show with Vegas...

Opinionated Metalhead: Mosh Pit-Slamdance Etiquette

Opinionated Metalhead: Mosh Pit-Slamdance Etiquette

If you have never been in a pit you may be unaware of the etiquette that the classy punks and metal-heads live by when entering the wall of death. When simultaneously raging and circling the pit there are a few common sense things to keep in mind.

Welcome to the Pit!!!

Intro to what inspired this slam dancing , metaltastic journey. A journey into the pit with Annie. Prepare yourself for some epic slam dancing.