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‘Gitting Gud’ With the Chloranthy

If you’re not a gamer you probably haven’t been immersing yourself in the newest, and most popular, game on the market. I’m referring to Elden Ring, a spectacularly gorgeous world filled with unforgiving ambiguity and an equal amount of abysmally morose emotion. Many of these atmospheric themes can be found in the predecessors of the...

Getting the Low Down with Josh De La Sol

The Last Of Lucy hails from California and is a force to be reckoned with to be blunt. The Technical Death Metal act has just released their album ‘Moshka’ via Transcending Obscurity Records and it immediately hits your ears like a intergalactic cannon. The album blossoms chills through your spine as the riffs soar. Vocally, Josh De La Sol isn’t messing around on this one. Bringing range that could only be hit by this man, if he’s even human of course. If you haven’t heard this modern masterpiece, I personally recommend that you pause your reading and play that album, and then continue reading. Being a fan of of this band, I will go there and say this is their best work to date. I couldn’t help but reach out to Josh (vocals) and see what his take was about ‘Moshka’.

New Video: VISEGARD “Hvor Gausta Rar”

PRESS PROVIDED BY MDPR Odium Records announces a split of two Norwegian bands – Kirkerbran and Visegard titled ” Kirkegard “. Each of the bands prepared six songs. About an hour of pure Norwegian Black Metal rooted in the 90s. Split will be out in November in a form of digpack CD.  Among the invited guests you will hear Nattefrost . Daniel Vrangsinn of Carpathian Forest is responsible for the...