Playlist of the Week: Our Pagan Hearts Reborn


A little on the softer more melodic side of things. Dive into a melodic folk metal wonderland with Playlist of the Week "Our Pagan Hearts Reborn". This collection of songs will make you feel as though you are at a ritual goat sacrifice while embracing Polytheism . Battling with the English settlements in Viking Raiding … Continue reading Playlist of the Week: Our Pagan Hearts Reborn


Album Review: Mynas | Dead to the Unknown


Overview: We made it #IntoThePit Universe! 2019 is here and we survived it without any celeb deaths or “End of the World” scares, and it’s time to pick up right where we left off. Our first album review of the year is the unreleased sophomore album of Las Vegas based metal band, Mynas. Unheard to … Continue reading Album Review: Mynas | Dead to the Unknown

Album Review – Vulvodynia | Psychosadictic Design

Overview: Halfway through the holiday season and we’re gearing up to kick 2019’s ass on all fronts here at the #IntoThePitUniverse! To help close out our album reviews for 2018, we’re going to rewind a couple years ago to the release of one of the most brutal death metal album’s that’s come across my speakers … Continue reading Album Review – Vulvodynia | Psychosadictic Design

Show in Review: Like A Storm, Farewell to Fear, Taking Dawn, Nebula X


Pre-Show Shenanigans: My day started like any other person's day would. Woke up with a mild hang over that I quickly remedied with massive amounts of caffeine and aspirin. Discovered something I thought I dreamt happened. I apparently retard strength-ed a hutch into the back of my truck on my way home the night before. … Continue reading Show in Review: Like A Storm, Farewell to Fear, Taking Dawn, Nebula X

Album Review: Amorphis | Queen of Time

Overview: Here’s another album review for the #IntoThePitUniverse to help us wind down the year in metallic glory! Earlier this year Helsinki, Finland based melodic death metal band, Amorphis went on to release their 14th studio LP, Queen of Time. The album is just over an hour of listening time spread throughout 12 tracks, 10 … Continue reading Album Review: Amorphis | Queen of Time

Album Review: Beartooth | Disease

Overview: Beartooth in collaboration with Red Bull Records has released it’s 3rd full-length studio album titled, “Disease”. This heart-shattering project is musically enshrouded in the darker realm of human emotions throwing the listener through a spiral of memorable and catchy melodies, riff’s and lyrics. “Disease” will be considered a classic to fans of the genre … Continue reading Album Review: Beartooth | Disease

Album Review: Deep Underground | Relapse

Overview: It’s seems we’ve been provided another debut album to throw #IntoThePitWithAnnie. As Annie’s trusted right hand, let’s joyride down this album review together and welcome some first-timers to the #IntoThePitUniverse. Deep Underground, hailing from Alajuela, Costa Rica has begun to capture a growing bilingual fanbase, as well as become fluent in a progressive, metalcore … Continue reading Album Review: Deep Underground | Relapse

Las Vegas Metal: Oppressor God (Kingman, AZ)

Oppressor God and independent Brutal Death Metal powerhouse from Kingman, AZ. They recently played Metal for the Masses on 8/25 with I, Pariah, Through the Earth & Shriven at the Black Bridge Brewery and the Brutal Annihilation Tour with Animus ,Parasitic Ejaculation and Pathology in addition to local bands Atoll, Fetal Disgorge, Pedestal of Infamy at … Continue reading Las Vegas Metal: Oppressor God (Kingman, AZ)

Show In Review: Slayer Farewell Tour 2018 (Part 2)

Welcome finger tips and eyeballs needed a little breather before continuing on. And so this raging review continues with Anthrax.  Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss! One of the bands that transformed the thrash metal world by bringing us albums like Spreading the Disease, State of Euphoria,  Among the Living  and Sound of White Noise. I highly recommend checking out one of … Continue reading Show In Review: Slayer Farewell Tour 2018 (Part 2)