Playlist of the Week

Playlist of 03/12/2018 -03/19/2018: Into the Pit’s Melodic Metalcore/ Symphonic Metal Mix

  1. Killus: Feel the Monster
  2. August Burns Red: Composure- Remixed
  3. Despite: As You Bleed
  4. Epica: Sensorium
  5. Wolves At The Gate: The King
  6. Amon Amarth: Twilight of the Thunder God
  7. For Today: O Come O Come Emmauel
  8. Lacuna Coil: Trip the Darkness
  9. Arch Enemy: War Eternal
  10. Xandria: Call of Destiny
  11. Kamelot: When the Lights Are Down
  12. Apocalyptica (featuring Brent Smith): Not Strong Enough
  13. Kobra and the Lotus: Losing My Humanity– one of there newest songs


Playlist of 03/05/2018 to 3/11/2018: Into the Pit’s Melodic Death Metal Mix

  1. Red Raven Down: Ashes
  2. Be’lakor: Tre’aste
  3. Sonic Syndicate: History Repeats Itself
  4. Soilwork: This Momentary Bliss
  5. Pain Confessor: Grief
  6. Arkan: Origins
  7. Before the Dawn: Monsters
  8. Destinity: Can’t Stand the Sight
  9. Rain of Acid: Unchained
  10. Septicflesh: Martyr
  11. Skyfire: Realm Of Silence
  12. Persefone: No Faced Mindless
  13. Svartsot: Allerkaeresten min

Playlist of 2/26/2018 to 03/04/2018: February in Review

  1. Flaw: Live and Breathe
  2. The Crowned: God Dammit
  3. Septicflesh: Dante’s Inferno
  4. Astoria: Hallelujah
  5. Vatican Falling: Mechanically Tyrannical
  6. MyChildren MyBride: Headshot!
  7. Kingdom of Giants: Damaged Goods
  8. Capsize: Fake Love
  9. Dark Funeral: Unchain My Soul
  10. Thy Antichrist: Desolation
  11. Alterbeast: Of Decimus Divine
  12. Soulfly: Jumpdafuckup

Playlist of 02/19/2018-02/25/2018: Silence Screaming

  1. Periphery: Prayer Position 
  2. Fire from the Gods: Excuse Me
  3. Spite: Kill or be Killed 
  4. Knocked Loose: Billy No Mates 
  5. Words From Aztecs: Nemo Nobody 
  6. Distinguisher: Autoimmune
  7. Fire from the Gods: Voiceless
  8. Misfits: Skulls
  9. The Plot in You: Feel Nothing
  10. Slipknot: Disasterpiece 
  11. Sabella: River 
  12. Spite: Despise
  13. Toska: Chasm

Playlist 02/12/2018-02/18/2018: Jamming out with Mynas

  1. Aborted: Bit by Bit
  2. Metallica: Blackened
  3. The Black Dahlia Murder: The Raven
  4. In Flames: Take This Life
  5. Trivium: Betrayer
  6. Unearth: The Swarm
  7. The Black Dahlia Murder: Receipt 
  8. Children Of Bodom: Bed of Razors
  9. Unearth: Never Cease
  10. Pantera: Cow Boys From Hell
  11. As I Lay Dying: No Lungs To Breathe
  12. Metallica: Battery


Play List 01/29/2018-02/04/2018: 12 Flavors of Vegas Locals

  1. Reign by Mynas ….learn more
  2. Ernest by .BiPolar.
  3. Searching for Nibiru by Astoria
  4. Quiver by The Nocturnal Affair
  5. We Stand, We Fall by Bravo Delta
  6. Escape by Honor Amongst Thieves
  7. Midnight Eyes by Vatican Falling 
  8. The Sacrifice by Vatican Falling 
  9. Soldiers by Otherwise 
  10. Ready for War (Praying for Peace) by Adelitas Way 
  11. 100 Ways to Hate by Five Finger Death Punch 
  12. The Great Divide by Strange Mistress 

Playlist of 01/22/2018-01/28/2018: A Taste of Annie

  1. Emarosa: People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play 
  2. Tyr: Hail to the Hammer 
  3. Finntroll: Trollhammaren
  4. Amon Amarth: Guardians of Asgaard
  5. Lumsk: I Trollenhender
  6. Kobra and The Lotus: Trigger Pulse
  7. Beartooth: Hated
  8. Five Finger Death Punch: My Nemesis
  9. Three Days Grace: Riot 
  10. Goatwhore: Forsaken
  11. Dark Tranquility: Atoma 
  12. Ravenscry: The Witness

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