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Las Vegas Metal: Moshing with Mynas

Feature piece with local underground metal band Mynas

Show In Review: First Night @ The Dive Bar…Bruises for Days

The Dive Bar  is an adventurous place to catch some great live music. Known more for being a “biker bar”; This not so hidden gem is one of the best small venues in town to see a good punk or metal show without the usually barring from moshing.  They don’t really close down. Which is a...

Opinionated Metalhead: Injured Metalhead-Resisting the Pit

Most avid concert go-ers have this struggle when they get injured. Do you go to these concerts or do you stay home and heal and miss out on another potentially epic experience? If you go, you’re going to have to take it easy. No wading through the crowd to right in front of the stage. No thirst...