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The “In Case You Missed it” Playlist is live! Experience Hobo Johnson’s first show, “in case you missed it”.

Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers have officially written their first Las Vegas show in the history books. Annie and I were right honored to be in the center of the musical shenanigans. All I’ve...


Show in Review: Wrestle to the Metal

It’s safe to cross my first event with Annie off the check list. Annie and I have only had a few experiences hanging out together pre “Into The Pit”. Most of those consisted of...

Playlist of the Week: April 2018 in Review (Part 2)

In addition to Las Rageous there was a plethora of shows around town in April. Here are some of the other artists that graced the large and small stages of the entertainment capital.

Playlist of the Week: April 2018 in Review (Part 1)

Las Rageous 2018 is behind us but the music still echos through the air in Downtown Event Center if you cant hear it … here is a playlist instead … A Perfect Circle:...