Album Review: Vatican Falling | Conquest


Overview: With their 2nd studio album completed, the #IntoThePitUniverse and Deathcore fans alike can truly appreciate the latest record from the progressive metal band, Vatican Falling. “Conquest”, their newest release has surfaced and established V.F. as more than a “One Trick Pony”. The Las Vegas based metal group has spent the better part of the … Continue reading Album Review: Vatican Falling | Conquest


Playlist of the Week: Hallow Point Rounds

Bringing back the playlist of the week its been a while... The Amity Affliction: Pittsburgh-No Intro Feed Her to the Sharks: Chasing Glory Erra: Dreamcatcher Northlane: Quantum Flux  Anchorlines: Spineless  Asylus: Hindsight Is 20/20 Final Drive: The Last Time  Discrepancies : Get Hype  Casket Robbery : Blood Bathory  Screams Of Syrens: A New Era  … Continue reading Playlist of the Week: Hallow Point Rounds

Las Vegas Metal: SPITE (NorCal Edition)


Halloween 2018 was a night to remember. Moshing in a T-Rex costume in the middle of SPITE's set was EPIC to say the least. Before the festivities began I had the opportunity to speak with SPITE's vocalist  Darius. Pretty chill guy to talk to with some awesome answers to some of my pretty in-depth questions. … Continue reading Las Vegas Metal: SPITE (NorCal Edition)

Album Review: Deep Underground | Relapse

Overview: It’s seems we’ve been provided another debut album to throw #IntoThePitWithAnnie. As Annie’s trusted right hand, let’s joyride down this album review together and welcome some first-timers to the #IntoThePitUniverse. Deep Underground, hailing from Alajuela, Costa Rica has begun to capture a growing bilingual fanbase, as well as become fluent in a progressive, metalcore … Continue reading Album Review: Deep Underground | Relapse

Show In Review: Sworn In, Noble & More

Another adventure down to Henderson, NV on October 13th for the exclusive show with Noble and headliner Sworn In. First band up for the night was a local band playing their first show together, FAULT. At first I thought the mumble rap segment was actually part of their set but soon realized it was just … Continue reading Show In Review: Sworn In, Noble & More

Album Review: BELOW 7 | Crashing Down

Overview: With their debut album released ** just under a week ago**, BELOW 7, the Tennessee based modern rock quintet has officially crashed into the spotlight with their first original project. Distributed through Pavement Entertainment who boasts over a half a decade of label and distribution experience, the Crashing Down LP is the former cover … Continue reading Album Review: BELOW 7 | Crashing Down

Album Review: Tantric | Mercury Retrograde

Overview: The seasoned rock group, Tantric is at it again with another bonafide release that long time fans and newer fans can seamlessly stick their teeth into. Spearheaded by lead vocalist, Hugo Ferreira, Tantric’s latest record, “Mercury Retrograde” is exactly what you'd expect from a group with close to two decades of hard rock experience. … Continue reading Album Review: Tantric | Mercury Retrograde

Las Vegas Metal: Rolling Under a Dirt Halo


This past September I sat down with the boys from Dirt Halo to play some cards against humanity at PT's and talk shop, bull shit and drink some rum. Check out the video to learn about how they came up with their name, what their biggest struggles and influences are and what they are working … Continue reading Las Vegas Metal: Rolling Under a Dirt Halo

Las Vegas Metal: Oppressor God (Kingman, AZ)

Oppressor God and independent Brutal Death Metal powerhouse from Kingman, AZ. They recently played Metal for the Masses on 8/25 with I, Pariah, Through the Earth & Shriven at the Black Bridge Brewery and the Brutal Annihilation Tour with Animus ,Parasitic Ejaculation and Pathology in addition to local bands Atoll, Fetal Disgorge, Pedestal of Infamy at … Continue reading Las Vegas Metal: Oppressor God (Kingman, AZ)