Into the Pit with Annie was formed in January 2018 a few months after Savage Annie was involved in a serious auto accident. Her love of metal is what kept her going even though for some time the Opinionated Metalhead had to refrain from headbanging and moshing to nurse injuries and heal. And thus the blog was born.
Savage Annie attends 4 to 12 shows on a monthly basis locally in Las Vegas and throughout her travels around the U.S. Devante joined in on this epic adventure May of 2018 to add a new perspective and producing equally epic content.

More recently we have added the Stylish & Badass Lady of Metal Stephanie LehrDirt Halo and The Nocturnal Affair drummer RJ Hamman , DRAUGR guitarist and pal David Nox Aragon , cartwheels and booty shorts in the mosh pit with Rosado Matt and the Hard Rock and Punk Hot Mama Cassi Davis. Each one of them will be putting their passion for music and live show experiences into words for your reading pleasure!

In addition to new content creators with a passion and flare for music we are officially under Opinionated Metalhead LLC

Into the Pit with Annie’s goal is to make waves in the scene and push boundaries with a tell it like it is and no punches held back mentality. There is no room for yes men and bobble heads in this club, only brutally honest assholes who kick ass in the mosh pit need apply. Lets make Metal thrive again whether its underground, mainstream, in someone’s backyard…who cares….lets RAGE!
This blog provides a look into the metal and hard rock scene. On the website you will find the following:
  • Show Reviews: To provide you with a brutally honest take of how things went for the night
  • Opinionated Metalhead: Rants touching on pain points throughout the scene
  • Band Interviews: A chance to talk shop with some talented folks about their music
  • Playlists of the Week: To expand your ever growing musical palette
  • Album Reviews: Into the studio with Devant for some stellar in-depth reviews of recently released albums
  • Interactive Calendar: To inform you of upcoming local shows and events
  • Giveaways: Win Tickets to shows at our home base venues in Las Vegas , NV and FREE Band Merch
  • Merch coming soon!!!!
If you have a band you think we should listen to/ see/ interview please send a private message with their details and we will be happy to consider them.
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