Opinionated Metalhead: Facebook Event Pages

FacebookEvents2Don’t you just love it when you get 3 or more invites for the SAME event on Facebook?

I know I sure as fuck don’t. They all are named slightly different, but all invite pretty much the same people. It can skew the numbers of the expected crowd, annoy people to the point where they no longer are interested in attending the event and just looks plain disorganized. Whether you are in a band, a promoter, or a venue it is important to know how this ish works.

Recently it has come to my attention that a lot of people either don’t know how to add an existing event page to theirs without creating a duplicate event and/or they don’t know how to create an event page to begin with. So welcome to Savage Annie University folks……

Assign an event “host”  

There should be no need to have a disorganized approach to this. In most cases the promoter should be the one to set up the event page complete with the flyer and band information.  The person making the event can add co hosts while creating the event or afterwards.

How to Create a FB Event

Make sure the event is set to public – if you are creating an event from a public page it should default to a public event. 

Go to your page and click “Events” from your side bar menu.

Then click the blue box “+Create Event”



The photo for a live music event should be a killer flyer or band photo. Don’t put FacebookEvents4confusing, non-descript art up in there it will throw people off on what the fuck your event is about.

Make sure your event name is eye catching and to the point. YOU DO NOT NEED A PARAGRAPH OR ALL 15 BANDS IN THE EVENT TITLE!!!

Always tag the venue location so people can actually get there….i mean an address not just a name. GPS is not helpful if there are 25 different places called “Putter”s and you don’t know which one you need to go to.

A good description should include the cover (if any) , door time vs play time, age informatin (all ages/ 18+/ 21+) and a list of all the bands with their Facebook link info.

Start time should be AT DOORS. People do like to grab a beer beforeFacebookEvents5 the music starts.

Now on to adding Co-Hosts (if needed) . Just type the page or friend you want to co-host the event with you. They can make edits and approve discussion posts and so on.

Key words can be used to help your event pop up on search results (like hashtags).

Messaging can be enabled if you want to receive messages from people who may have questions about the event.


You can even include a ticket sale link. Whether it’s to the promoter selling tickets or a ticket sale website if its a working URL it will take you there.

The rest is pretty straight forward. Select the options you want and either save as a draft if you are waiting on more info to finish up or hit publish (you can schedule for it to publish at a later date and time by clicking on the little blue arrow next to publish and selecting “Schedule Event.”FacebookEvents9


Once your event is created people can add it to their pages as needed , whether it is the venue or the 7 different bands that are booked …all they need to do is click those 3 little dots and then click “Add to Page” , select the page they want to add it to from the drop down,  and then hit “Add Event.”

The event should now be showing as an upcoming event for any other page that adds it. TADA ….less confusion and irritation and better communication and unskewed expected turn out information.


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