Project Archives: This Side of Hell (LP) | Snake Bite Whisky

album cover

Artist/Band Name:

Snake Bite Whisky

Based In:

Brisbane, Australia (AU)

Project Name:

This Side Of Hell

Project Type:


# of Songs:



Jay R – Vocals
David Arens – Guitar
Stacii Blake – Bass
Al “ACE” Bukva – Drums




Peter Rutcho


Pavement Entertainment, Sony Red

Release Date:

January 25th, 2019


Rock, Sleaze Rock

Available on:

Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, iHeartRadio




Into The Pit Ranking –

Writing: 4.6/5 –

Delivery of the vocal performance was seasoned and well executed. Catered towards a nostalgic based writing style. Group layering enhances the vocal dynamics greatly. Plenty of expressive ad libs that add energy and depth to the vocal performance. Hints of screaming vocal techniques poke through the performance will maintaining the sleaze rock vocal style. Minor timing discrepancies with the lead vocal throughout certain records. Proficient tone control between the multiple vocal tonalities used.

Production: 4.7/5 –

Maintains high energy production for a majority of the playtime. This LP is well designed to translate well in a live environment. Great use of live sound effects to enhance the atmosphere allowing instruments to rest. Transitions between outro’s and intro’s were executed impressively. Lead guitar solo’s cater more towards melodic support than level of technical difficulty. Drum kit maintains optimal presence in all aspects from snare, kick, cymbals, and toms. The album showcases excellent melodic diversity preventing boredom for the listener.

Mix: 4.7/5 –

The mix for “This Side of Hell” was satiating across the board. The lead vocal mix differed between tracks giving each song it’s own individuality. Layered group vocals displayed dynamic effectiveness and their mixes complemented the lead vocal. Vocal delays and effects were utilized with great taste benefiting the overall performance of the mix. The guitar amping technique provided depth and clarity in tandem with a smooth crunchy distortion. Compression settings of the drum kit were tightly dialed in and strategically accomplished. Timing discrepancies in the vocals could’ve been edited during the mixing phase.

Master: 4.7/5 –

The Master of the “This Side of Hell” LP is suitable in many accounts. More than enough weight is provided by the treatment of the lower frequencies allowing for woofer to be pushed appropriately. Mid frequencies resemble the warmth of analogue mastering techniques. Shimmery highs allowed for elements like the cymbals to be mixed lower but still cut through. To directly critique the overall quality of this master, I’d consider it commercial successful.  

Overall: 4.3





For future projects, performing more advanced guitar solos will provide the listener with something new to grasp onto. Ensuring every aspect of the vocal performance is dialed in timing wise will enhance the listener experience.


Successful job at creating a commercial sounding record. Vocal tonalities showcased a top tier performance. Instrumentation was mixed and performed exceeding industry level standards. Melodic energy was addictive and translates great on multiple listening devices. Great performance in every category.  


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