Project Archives: Behold The Fortune(EP)| Orifist


Artist/Band Name:


Based In:

New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

Project Name:

Behold The Fortune

Project Type:


# of Songs:



Devin Jones – Guitars/Bass/Mix engineering
Matt Fogarty – Vocals/Lyrics
Kevin Talley – Drums


Devin Jones
Matt Fogarty
Kevin Talley


Devin Jones
Zach Ohren 


*Self Distributed*

Release Date:

April 9th, 2018


Death Metal

Available on:

Distro Kid, YouTube, BandCamp




Into The Pit Ranking –

Writing: 4.0/5 –

Proficient delivery of growl performance. Great vocal timing for the duration of the project. May be difficult for newer fans to decipher the lyrics of tracks the first few times listening.  

Production: 4.3/5 –

Traditional Death Metal Instrumentation. Rare use of synthetic elements or keyboards. Percussive patterns were locked and tight in the rhythmic pocket. The lead guitar performance was quality and were properly showcased throughout the EP. Bass guitar provided much needed weight for the track and delivered witn an impressive delivery. The sonic performance of Orifist would be considered industry quality. 

Mix: 3.9/5 –

Fairly safe mix across the board. Best element of the mix was the weight provided in the bass guitar and the drum set. Vocals sounded as though they were cut pretty dry but boded well in cutting through the mix. Vocal effects and filters could’ve been attempted more often to enhance the musical performance. Finding spots for vocal effects in future records should be on the agenda provided that selected filters and effects cater to the writing style. 

Master: 4.4/5 –

This record was mastered to an industry standard listening level. All tracks present a desirable mid and high range presence. Seems as though there is available head room for the enhancement of  sub percussive frequencies. Perhaps achieving a master that brings out the pressure behind the kick drum will allow the record to spread more throughly throughout the frequency spectrum. Overall, this master maintains a  consistent quality playback performance over multiple listening devices. From headphones, studios speakers, and an Amazan Echo, the EP maintains great sounds quality from top to bottom. Good job! 

Overall: 4.2





Look to create more opportunities in the writing to enhance mixing capabilities. In other words, write parts to specifically be mixed a certain way enhancing the atmosphere allowing even greater emotion being transferred to the listener. Low end enhancement should be the mastering engineer’s priority for future records.


Successfully created EXCELLENT #MoshPit music. Proficiently delivered an EP of industry standard quality. Harnessed true death metal grit and showcased a performance that will translate well in recording as well as live. 


Listening to Orifist Like –

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