Playlist of the Week: Glasshouse

More newly released music with a little bit of old. Savage Annie is bringing your ears another fucking magical playlist of metal gold. Check it out and Enjoy!!!!

  1. Soilwork: Bleeder Despoiler
  2. Tyr: Fire and Flame
  3. Deserted Fear: The Final Chapter
  4. VLTIMAS: Total Destroy
  5. Noiseast: Stay
  6. Children of Bodom: This Road
  7. Mynas: End of All 
  8. Ill Nino: Sangre
  9. Hanging The Nihilist: Forgotten
  10. Interloper: Glasshouse
  11. Whitechapel: Third Depth
  12. Devourment: Fuck Her Head Off 
  13. Forever Still: Rewind
  14. Aenimus: The Dark Triad
  15. Mark Morton: Cross Off 
  16. Imonolith: Hollow
  17. Battle Beast: No More Hollywood Endings
  18. Sonic Syndicate: Denied
  19. Diabolical: Betrayal
  20. Rifftera: Buring Paradise

Honorable Mentions:




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