Playlist of the Week: Meine Schöne Sophia

Mein Schone Sophia …. “My Beautiful Sophia” in German was inspired by my beautiful older sister. Growing up we didn’t agree on many things. As adults we have grown closer through our mutual love of metal. She dropped me a few band names to build a new playlist to assualt your ears with.

  1. Testament: The Burning Times
  2. Membrance: Escape from Hell
  3. Primodial: Empire Falls
  4. Atrocity, Marc Grewe: Gates to Oblivion
  5. Blood Red Throne: Homicidal Ecstacy
  6. Demonoid: Witchburners
  7. Windir: Journey to the End
  8. Moonsorrow: Suden Tunti
  9. Unleashed: Midvinterblot
  10. Darkest Era: The Morrigan
  11. Marduk: The Blond Beast
  12. Enslaced: Havenless
  13. Finntroll: Under Bergets Rot
  14. Mael Mordha: King Of The English
  15. Darkest Era: Sorrow’s Boundless Realm
  16. Kampfar: Mylder
  17. SuidAkra: Stone of the Seven Suns
  18. Borknagar: The Rhymes of the Mountain
  19. Immortal: Withstand The Fall Of Time
  20. Exodus: War Is My Sheppard
  21. Warbringer: Remain Violent

Honorable Mention not on Spotify:


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