Project Archives: Solipsism (LP)| Aaron Archer


Artist/Band Name:

Aaron Archer

Based In:

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Project Name:


Project Type:


# of Songs:



Aaron Archer


Aaron Archer / Archer, Millett


Aaron Archer, Joe Lawless


1010754 Records DK

Release Date:

August 30, 2018


Vintage Rock

Available on:

Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, BandCamp, Amazon Music



Into The Pit Ranking –

Writing: 4.1/5 –

Vintage writing style and delivery was showcased well throughout the length of the project. The occasional inconsistency in timing and pitch took away from the vocal performance as a whole. 

Production: 3.7/5 –

Diverse in overall melodic performance. Great transitional phrasing and competent understanding of dynamics. Rarely dull in musical delivery. Quality of instrument choice could be better to balance the hi-fi with the lo-fi. Layering of female and male vocals were adequately performed.

Mix: 3.4/5 –

Most elements were present but failed to cut through at a top tier level. Percussive pieces such as the snare and kick could benefit from stronger compression settings. Vocal pitch could’ve been addressed with the use of melodyne to maintain a natural feel. A few missed opportunities for timing inconsistencies to be edited tighter in their performance. Great use of vocal effects and stereo placement.  

Master: 4.1/5 –

Solipsism was competently mastered at an ideal listening level. Lower percussive elements fail to hit as hard as desired in sub frequencies but make up for it with warm mids and soothing highs.

Overall: 3.6





Choosing higher quality snare and kick sources. Timing and pitch inconsistencies amongst the vocals. Enhancing each low energy during mastering. 



Accomplishing a vintage vibe in long-form. Having melodically diverse production. Quality writing and lyrical delivery. 



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