Playlist of the Week: Out of This Misery

Another playlist of fun thrashy melodic deathly metal mayhem.

  1. ProngOut of This Misery 
  2. DevilDriverForgiveness Is A Six Gun
  3. The HauntedCutting Teeth
  4. SuffocationInfecting The Crypts
  5. Kataklysm- The Black Sheep 
  6. TestamentJun-Jun
  7. At The GatesLegion (Slaughterlord Cover) 
  8. GojiraFlying Whales 
  9. Bathory- The Golden Walls of Heaven
  10. EntombedMasters of Death
  11. Napalm DeathSiege of Power 
  12. Celtic Frost- Progeny
  13. HavokThe Cleric
  14. Lamb of GodBloodletting
  15. MeshuggahFuture Breed Machine
  16. GwarBonesnapper (Faces of the Slain)
  17. VaderTriumph Of Death 
  18. DismemberOverride Of The Overture
  19. Bolt Thrower- The Killchain
  20.  Dying FetusSubjected to a Beating 
  21.  Vital RemainsDechristianize

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