Playlist of the Week: Kill the Cult

Kill the Cult is brought to you by my good friend Joe Stone with a few additional songs picked out by yours truly to expand on the ever evolving musical palettes.

  1. Decapitated – Kill the Cult
  2. Satyricon- K.I.N.G. 
  3. Marduk- Frontschwein
  4. Immortal-Mighty Ravendark
  5. Watain- Nuclear Alchemy
  6. Begotten- Dead Scene
  7. Commit Suicide- Earthly Cleansing
  8. They Light- A Crawling Work in a World of Lies 
  9. Ulven- Ditt Falka Leende –Akustisk
  10. Happy Days- Dwell in the Insanity 
  11. Advent Sorrow- Pestilence Shall Come
  12. Burzum- Dunkelheit
  13. Emperor- I Am The Black Wizards
  14. Gorgoroth- Prayer 
  15. Naglfar- Harvest
  16. Old Man’s Child- Black Seeds On Virgin Soil
  17. Arckanum- Pursvitnir
  18. Taake- Nordbundet
  19. Windir- The Blacksmith and the Troll of Lundamyri
  20. Dissection- Maha-Kali

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