Playlist of the Week: Our Pagan Hearts Reborn

A little on the softer more melodic side of things. Dive into a melodic folk metal wonderland with Playlist of the Week “Our Pagan Hearts Reborn”.

This collection of songs will make you feel as though you are at a ritual goat sacrifice while embracing Polytheism . Battling with the English settlements in Viking Raiding parties. Defending your land from a neighboring clan. Drinking mead in the long house and feasting on game from the hunt while admiring the spoils of war until that joyful day on the battlefield where you fall and join your brothers and sisters for a drink in the halls of Valhalla. Enjoy!

  1.  Encorion- Our Pagan Hearts Reborn
  2. Bnxop- Ayma
  3. Dalriada – Napisten Hava 
  4. Eluveitie- The Nameless 
  5. Niburta- Sto Imala Kasmet
  6. Arkona – Bol’no mne
  7. Ocelon- Forest of Mist 
  8. Rotting Christ – Kata Ton Demona Eaftou
  9. Camaxtli Yoxippa –Erendira 
  10. Skamold – Midgardsormur
  11. Huldre – Ulvelvinter 
  12. Wulfgar – Return from Hel 
  13. Fejd – Morgonstjarnan 
  14. SuidAkra- The Ixth Legion 
  15. Falkenbach – Eweroun
  16. Turisas – Rasputin
  17. Manegarm – Nattsjal, dromsjal
  18. Wolfchant – A Pagan Storm
  19. Waylander – Born to the Fight 
  20. Thyrfing – Mjolner

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