Playlist of the Week: Catharsis of Humanity

Bringing back ye ole playlist of the week. I know its been a minute but check out some of these brutal songs.

1. Vatican FallingCatharsis
2. Oppressor GodMechanical Manslaughter
3. Black OilAmazonia
4. UndersideSatan in Your Stereo
5. Arch EnemyThe World Is Yours
6. OceanoDawn of Descent
7. SpiteMorning Sting
8. Chelsea GrinSonnet of the Wretched
9. Rings of SaturnSenseless Massacre
10. AcraniaDisillusion in a Discordant System
11. WhitechapelThis Is Exile
12. Thy Art Is MurderNo Absolution
13. Black TongueFauxhammer
14. Despised IconMVP
15. Suicide SilenceUnanswered
16. Fit For An AutopsyAbsolute Hope Absolute Hell
17. Impending DoomMurderer
18. AngelmakerA Dark Omen
19. I, PariahHeretic
20. The Acacia StrainBeast
21. A Night In TexasFuck Your God


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