Album Review: Beartooth | Disease



Beartooth in collaboration with Red Bull Records has released it’s 3rd full-length studio album titled, “Disease”. This heart-shattering project is musically enshrouded in the darker realm of human emotions throwing the listener through a spiral of memorable and catchy melodies, riff’s and lyrics. “Disease” will be considered a classic to fans of the genre decades down the line and luckily it seems as though Beartooth continues to maintain enough diversified growth to warrant bigger releases in the coming years. It’s time for the #IntoThePitUniverse to get their breakdown of the latest record from Beartooth.

Let’s dive in.


Quarantined Production:

The first 23 seconds of the album appropriately foreshadow the musical diversity of Beartooth’s production capabilities. Whether displaying a more progressive, intimate approach, or attacking the listener head-on with cutting dynamics, the collective competently caters to whichever approach it deems necessary.

Vocals were layered and performed to be revered as timeless and vocal phrasing lived in the pocket throughout each song. Tones transitioned from daunting screams to brilliantly clean seamlessly adding to their own appropriate musical atmospheres.

Lead guitars were designed to leave a lasting presence on it’s listeners when pushed out in front. Supporting breaks for the guitars meshed and layered successfully and catered to the ear-catching sound of Beartooth’s lyrics and melodies.

The percussion and in particular the drummer for this record had his work cut out for him. When a drummer writes against the mundane repetition of rhythms and phrases and yet maintains the proper drive and vibrational support for the melodic properties, it showcases a percussionist who’s truly passionate about his role in the band.

Overall the production of Beartooth’s latest LP was on par with where they are in their musical career. The goal for future projects would be to shoot further into more timeless music that will transcend past the listeners and current fans in the genre into the vast unknown.

Production Score: 4.6/5


Into The Mix:

Mix-wise, I was equally impressed with the sonic characteristics of the album as I was with the production portfolio. An engineer with seasoned label experience was more than likely the guiding force behind the mix of this record. Boasting tantalizing delayed and reverb effects, a plethora of distorted phrases, buttery layering and an impactful performance drum compression, this is a top tier mix front to back. There may be some arguable transitions between the more progressive parts with softer dynamics and louder, more metal influenced sections, but in the overview of the record, this mix does an exceptional job of conveying the emotion behind the music.

Mix Score: 4.6/5

A Mastered Experience:

Having been on both ends of the mastering process, there’s one thing that I look for when critiquing a mastered record or project..

Can I listen to this project from top to bottom and it sound cohesive all the way through?

My answer to this question in regards to Beartooth’s “Disease” LP would be a resounding, “yes”. When listening to this project on my studio monitors, headphones, Amazon “Echo” (not a plug for Amazon” and in my car, this album resonates and punctures through silence at the same caliber as any notable major label comparison. Frequencies in the high bandwidth maintain a silky smooth and almost shimmery presence for the entirety of the record. Midrange frequencies are full and warm while providing a punch when required for the percussive instrumentation. The low band of frequencies stand out the least on this project but remain felt as a necessary role-player. The master of this record has an analogue warmth to it that takes me back to the feeling of being returned to the early 2000’s as punk bands became a teen-phenomenon. In comparison, this record simulates that exact sort of “timeless” to my ears as the legendary groups before it.

Master Score: 4.7/5


Final Thoughts:

Beartooth’s 3rd studio album is an astounding leap for the group in establishing themselves as a household name in the progressive-metal market. Housed by Red Bull Records, the subsidiary of the multi-billion dollar beverage titan, it seems as though Beartooth has the support and backing required to transcend their talents into the highest caliber of artistry. Label-mate AWOLNATION has made Red Bull Records a player amongst it’s major label competitors. With it’s latest release in the books, Beartooth is in position to grab the torch and surpass the goal of making Red Bull Records and the band itself the “disease” without a cure. Congratulations to Beartooth for the successful completion of the 3rd studio LP.

Into The Pit Score: 4.6/5

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