Playlist of the Week: Hallow Point Rounds

Bringing back the playlist of the week its been a while…

  1. The Amity Affliction: Pittsburgh-No Intro
  2. Feed Her to the Sharks: Chasing Glory
  3. Erra: Dreamcatcher
  4. Northlane: Quantum Flux 
  5. Anchorlines: Spineless 
  6. Asylus: Hindsight Is 20/20
  7. Final Drive: The Last Time
  8.  Discrepancies : Get Hype 
  9. Casket Robbery : Blood Bathory 
  10. Screams Of Syrens: A New Era 
  11. Autumn Tint : The Giant 
  12. COHEN: Flymouth
  13. New Lingo: Violent Shakes
  14. Broken Youth: Havoc
  15. Inimical Drive: Say We’ll Be Fine 
  16. This is Me Breathing: It’s Not Me 
  17. Shapist: Phantom
  18. Hallow Point: Blistering 
  19. Torn at the Seams: Karma Never Dies 
  20. Reconcera: Scumwrecker
  21. Hallow Point: Acedia


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