Playlist of the Week: Thrashtastic Hair Metal

Bringing it back old school where the hair was long and the tunes were electrifying.

Tunes to rock out to or karaoke the fuck out of on your way to wherever to do who or whatever.

  1. Primal Fear: King for a Day 
  2. Twisted Sister: We’re Not Gonna Take It
  3. Dio: Holy Diver 
  4. Black Sabbath: Heaven and Hell 
  5. Judas Priest: Breaking the Law 
  6. Ratt: Round and Round
  7. Great White: Save Your  Love 
  8. Iron Maiden: The Trooper 
  9. Motorhead: Ace of Spades 
  10. Accept: Balls to the Wall 
  11. W.A.S.P.: I Wanna Be Somebody
  12. Megadeth: Symphony Of Destruction 
  13. Quiet Riot: Cum on Feel the Noize
  14. Scorpions: Rock You Like A Hurricane 
  15. Alice Cooper: Poison 
  16. Pantera: Cowboys From Hell 
  17. Saxon: Princess of the Night 
  18. Whitesnake: Still of the Night 
  19. Madhouse: Anthrax
  20. Slayer: Raining Blood 
  21. Aerosmith: Dream On


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