Show in Review: The Western Vengeance Tour


The scream machine came to play while the bands thrashed and slayed on Friday, August 10th at JIN’s Club off of South Jones. Warming up my vocals at the bar with a double rum and coke that puts my known favorite Sailor Jerry to shame. A new discovery of Don Carlos Caribbean rum with a proof of 151. It will make your cheeks rosy as fuck without any sun.

There is something exciting about going to check out 20180810_202531a new venue. Even more so, when some of your local faves happen to be playing. The boys from Desolation and Mynas, who frequently play eagles aerie hall in Henderson came out to show their grit on stage. Unfortunately, A Real King was not able to attend that evening for reasons unknown to me.

This was the exact thing I needed after a rough week via my day job. The music hit me in the chest with that all too familiar euphoric thud while the seats and walls vibrated to each note.20180810_230127

Although I sat for a good portion of the show it hit all the right spots. It’s not a metal show without sound issues of some kind in my book and the bands all handled them with poise while sweating out an entire weeks’ worth of water on stage.

The A.C. at the venue was having some issues which caused the temperature in the stage area to be equivalent or higher than outside. Minus the sun beating down on them in the blistering heat they were melting on stage to what I only can imagine is the feeling of an ant under a magnifying lens.20180810_210741

Desolation coming at you first, starting off a little on edge but catching their grove and ending strong. Playing to a limited crowd like it was in the thousands. Despite Mic issues vocalist and rhythm guitarist Jake Bratton catered to the crowd. Slaying the time changes throughout their set. They give that sci-fi inspired doom metal feel at warped speed. I would like to see the stand-in Bassist move around more though. He portrays some major RBF on stage. There is room for improvement on that front but overall a great set.

Mynas up second….my dudes…..Jeff with his stairway to heaven time changing melodic riffs from the heavens. The way this guy plays guitar sings to my soul,  or the cavity20180810_215734 in which it once lived. The metal gods have smiled down upon Jeff’s hands and said this man must play the guitar in a way that touches even the blackest of hearts.

When Miles and Jeff strum the stings together is pure nirvana. Not to discount the mad drum skills of Mauricio or that of the much loved bassist Mark who brings some killer support 20180810_215949vocals to the mix. These guys are a thrash and doom metal lovers fast paced dream boat. To boot they played one of my favorite songs Angelic Descent. Its a softer song off of their 2015 Album Fear the Slave, but still one I connect with.

“As I advance
I call to the angelic Like figures
The silence still calls my name
In solitude I melt
I have taken all for granted
The weak with temptations “

-Verse 1 of Angelic Descent by MynasDACB4496-CF8A-4130-8D61-84131C2245B1

When  Mynas isn’t recording or working their day jobs to support the dream, you can find various members  out and about supporting their fellow local musicians around town.


Last but not least Hallow Point played their terminator-20180810_225430esk intro music before making their way to the stage one by one. Headlining on the 14th stop of their 21 date Western Vengeance tour to bring the house down and murder yet another stage.Melodic and heavy metal to the max.

The mix between Tony and Brandon’s vocals made for a balance of sound most bands dream of achieving.  The tour is in support of the new single ‘Vengeance Overdue‘ off the EP ‘Beyond Our Name‘ produced by Andrew Wade released May of last year.


You can hear the Lamb of God and trivium influences in their sound as they played through their set. Their rendition of Lamb of God’s single Laid to Rest was mind blowing. Not to mention Acedia from the very same EP previously mentioned. They had the perfect mix of sway to outright head bang that I look for.

“This has all come crashing down

Is there anyone out too

Breathe into my lungs

Breathe into my life

Until apathy is…

No more, fuck this mentality

This depression has taken its hold on me

I stare, at this unending pain

Figures black of my tormented,

twisted life”

~Excerpt from Acedia by Hallow Point

97F0F8F6-76DB-492C-8ED5-41DF5365FB96Bill the rhythm guitarist was into that shit heavy. Throughout the set he was headbanging with an epic rage face while intermittently fist bumping the crowd. He left me hanging one time but it’s cool.  If you have an opportunity to see these St Louis gents live, DO IT. You will not regret it. 4973F75D-268C-4954-9E19-93AC882870CE


I ended the night headbanging my dark purple hair to a satisfying level and made sure to snag some merch while schmoozing with band members from Mynas and Hallow Point. Chatting up Tony at the merch booth about snagging some swag in exchange for dollar bills and sweaty hugs. I also had a great conversation with Aaron Chambers the lead guitarist about Slayer and the start of the blog you are reading right at this moment.

The night ended with silly faces, sweaty guys and bittersweet farewells. Such a great and memorable night to add to the books.

I got a few fun photos with the band before taking off for the night to pass out.

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