Into The Pit’s: Top 5 Vegas Venues for Metal

For those who visit Vegas as tourist, your plans more than likely consist of burning through a small fortune on slot machines, card tables, strip clubs, and probably catching a show or two. Having been a Vegas local for a while now, you just know this shit. Buddies come into town, crash on your couch, spend an extended weekend reenacting the Hangover part 1, and hopefully leave scratching that unadulterated itch.

There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this blog it’s unlikely that your choice of Vegas shows are the likes of Elton John, Celine Deon, or even, dare I say it, The Blue Man Group. Not taking anything away from the notable acts with prime strip placement, I’m just saying they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.. or in this case, shot of {Insert your favorite alcohol here}.

Whether you’re a Vegas local, or a tourist of sorts, here’s a solid reference for the top 5 venues to scope out legit metal shows in the greater Las Vegas area.

5.  Vinyl, HardRock Resort and Casino downloadfile

Vinyl is located just off the main hub of the Las Vegas strip, still close enough to acquire a legit entertainment capital experience. Many popular metal acts have played Vinyl with killer turn outs. This venue makes the list simply because of it’s historic surroundings. The HardRock Resort and Casino is the ultimate playground for those who connect with the genre and sub-genre’s of rock music. That is more than enough to cement it’s spot on the list.

4. TheDive Bar maxresdefault

This venue is by far one of the grungiest venues on the list. It’s even in the name. TheDive Bar, residing just over five minutes east of the Las Vegas strip is home to many local metal acts, touring metal acts, and their most loyalist legions of fans. Mosh pits thrive in intimate venues like this one. If you’re a local or a tourist in the Vegas area, hit TheDive Bar for an up close and personal encounter of the Las Vegas metal scene.

3. House of Blues, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino 


Similar to the HardRock brand, the House of Blues brand has been a hub for the hottest talents of many genres. Rock and in particularly Metal, is one of them. Although it sister’s 11 other venues around the country, the House of Blues Las Vegas successfully circulates metal acts throughout the year for a couple reasons. The first reason is because HOB venues are known for being mid-sized intimate venues with great acoustics and sound systems. This environment is perfect for any serious musical act looking to make strides in their performance game. Secondly is because of the network it does have throughout it’s 12 venues. If you can sell in one of them, with the appropriate marketing, you can sell in all of them. It’s a solid temperature check for any band gauging how they’ll perform on a national platform. What this means for you as the fan is, there’s a good chance you’ll have a killer show!

2. Beauty Bar 34

Owned by the Pawn Star icon, Corey Harrison, Beauty Bar reigns as one the only outdoor performance venues in Downtown Las Vegas. Beauty Bar caters to the metal crowd particularly well due to it’s open world experience. Boasting an indoor and outdoor sectioning, it’s hard to get stir crazy at Beauty Bar, even with it’s max capacity being just under 450 people. In my experience, Fremont is definitely more of the local hangout spot, at least more so than the actually Strip. If you’re coming to Vegas as a tourist looking to catch a metal show, take a stroll over to East Fremont Street, aka Old Vegas. You’ll find the ideal vibes you’re looking for at Beauty Bar, and you may even pick up a local to make your Vegas story complete.

1. Downtown Las Vegas Events Center


Up until this point, this list has mainly been comprised of smaller venues, primarily because that’s what the Vegas metal scene calls for. But, we all know of these behemoth groups that embark on tours together causing metal fans from all around to attend. Where do those guys perform? I’ll throw out an even better question. Where are the biggest mosh pits in Vegas? If you’re a true metalhead, that’s all that really matters. The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center is that exact concert venue. With a capacity scaling from 2500 to 11000 people, The DLVEC has been the home to many touring metal acts such as Godsmack, Avenge Sevenfold, Anthrax as well as tours and festivals such as the Vans Warped Tour, and Las Rageous. Coming to a metal show in the entertainment capital of the world can be everything you want at DLVEC. las_rageous_2018_4

To check out the venues and their upcoming events, click the links below.



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