Playlist of the Week:Jamming with Fallen Suns

Pit Nation! Bringing you some new music courtesy of picks from L.A. band Fallen Suns who I had an opportunity to sit down with on August 8th.

Following my interview with them (video pending) I asked them for some music to add to the playlist of the week. The insisted on plugging fellow local artists in the L.A. area. half of this playlsit comes from their selections. The other half with the help fo Mr. John Gist of Vegas Rock Revolution .

Enjoy this playlist of Hard , Heavy and Psychedelic rock mix with a little bit of a twist.

  1. Fallen Suns: Chosen
  2. Abominable Iron Sloth: Hats Made of Veal and That New Car Scent
  3. Clutch: Spacegrass
  4. Yeghikian: The World Is Spinning 
  5. Soundgarden: Black Rain 
  6. Void Vator: Until It’s Gone 
  7. Fallen Suns: Wither
  8. Legal Tender: Mark My Words
  9. Locust Grove: Monster
  10. Salem’s Bend: Silverstruck
  11. House of Broken Promises: The Hurt (Paid My Dues)
  12. High Priestess: Despise
  13. Sasquatch: Dragonfly
  14. Mos Generator: Shadowlands
  15. The Watchers: Alien Lust 
  16. Mezzoa: Song of the Sun 
  17. Hermano: The Bottle
  18. Kyuss: Gardenia
  19. Red Fang: Prehistoric Dog 
  20. Electric Wizard: Funeralopolis


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