Playlist of the Week: Death & Destruction

Ohhhhhhh how the metal gods shine down upon thee with Death and Destruction.

Savage Annie bringing you 20 songs of Death and Destruction to help you get that metal fix and find some new music.

  1. After The Burial: Lost In The Static
  2. Veil of Maya: Mikasa
  3. Born of Osiris: Machine
  4. Wage War: Stitch
  5. August Burns Red: White Washed
  6. The Ghost Inside: Engine 45
  7. Within The Ruins: Gods Amongst Men
  8. Emmure: Solar Flare Homicide
  9. Chelsea Grin: Playing With Fire
  10. Betraying the Martyrs: Lost For Words
  11. Slaughter to Prevail: Hell 
  12. Northlane: Quantum Flux 
  13. Upon A Burning Body: B.M.F.
  14. Job For A Cowboy: Entombment of a Machine 
  15. Suicide Silence: No Pity for a Coward
  16. Carnifex: Lie To My Face
  17. Fit For A King: Pissed Off
  18. Breakdown of Sanity: The Writer 
  19. Thy Art Is Murder: The Purest Strain Of Hate 
  20. Whitechapel: Possession


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