The “In Case You Missed it” Playlist is live! Experience Hobo Johnson’s first show, “in case you missed it”.

Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers have officially written their first Las Vegas show in the history books. Annie and I were right honored to be in the center of the musical shenanigans. All I’ve got left to say is, “You had to be there”. 


To miss a “first time” for anything is a heartbreak, especially when you’re talking about the lyrically impactful stylings of Frank “Hobo Johnson” Lopes and his rowdy bunch of untamed instrumentalist.

If you missed the show though, we’ve got you covered!

To show how much we care over here at Into The Pit with Annie, we’ve comprised an “In Case You Missed It” playlist simulating and showcasing the general setlist for the night!

Below you’ll hear the eclectic soulfulness of the opening act, The Philharmonik. To transcend further into the night, you’ll be delighted by the metaphysically cheerful tunes of the 2nd performer, Ashe. The close the playlist out will be the main event of the evening, Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers. You’re welcome.


Enjoy the “In Case You Missed It” playlist below!


Hobo Johnson 


The Philharmonik



Photo’s of Hobo Johnson taken by: @mackhpro


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