Playlist of the Week: Thrown In The Pit Playlist – Emeri Devante

My first couple of post for “Into The Pit with Annie” have had a great response! Honestly though, it was a little daunting writing for a punk/metal blog for the first time. Considering the fact there’s a plethora of punk/metal music out there, the thought of covering it was a little intimidating.

Luckily, Annie’s got my back and just shoved me “Into The Pit”.

Below is my first playlist with the songs from 5 CD’s out of Annie’s personal collection.

5 CD's Thrown In #1

She figured this would be a good way to get my feet wet!

I present to you the first, “Thrown In The Pit” playlist!

Sangre | Atonement

(Unavailable on the Spotify Playlist)

  • Endless Battle
    • (Metal Choice)
  • Blossom
    • (Lighter Choice)

.bipolar. | Amor Fati

  • False
  • See You Next Tuesday 

Infinite Death | Endless Suffering

(Unavailable on the Spotify Playlist)

  • Endless Suffering
    • (Metal Choice)
  • By Nightfall
    • (Lighter Choice)

Metal For The Masses Vol II | Mash Up CD

(Artist | Song)

  • Therion | Asgård
  • Raunchy | Twelve Feet Tall
  • Primal Fear | Black Sun
  • Divine Empire | Dead and Martyred
  • Grave Digger | Valhalla
  • Darkane | Fatal Impact
  • Behemoth | As Above, So Below
  • Dew-Scented | Acts Of Rage

Never Ending Last Words | NE Last Words

(Unavailable on the Spotify Playlist)

Check out-  Never Ending Last Word’s –

  • Underrated 
  • Values

Enjoy the Playlist Below!

Thanks for listening!

– Emeri Devante




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