Playlist of the Week: May 2018 in Review (Part 1)

Las Vegas Deathfest 2018 has come and gone and left in its wake my need to create a playlist for those who need the dark enlightenment …

Lets see how many songs i can find with the word related to death, mutilation and destruction… kidding …kind of …one day someone will title a black/ death metal song “sunshine and rainbows” instead of “maggot devouring inhuman entrails covered in vomit”.

  1. Maggot Colony: Vile Reincarnation 
  2. Cordyceps: Shattered Remains 
  3. Diabolic: Killing Fields 
  4. Cremation: Black Hole 
  5. Thanatology: El amor va de la mano del latex
  6. Decrepit Cadaver: Gruesome Homicide 
  7. Grotesque: Blood Runs from the Altar
  8. Hideous: They Say It’s Treason 
  9. Morpheus Descends: The Way of All Flesh
  10. Inherit Disease: Spiritual Paralysis 
  11. Devangelic: Crown of Entrails 
  12. Mortal Decay: Anatomy Turned Chaotic Puzzle
  13. Malignancy: Type Zero Civilization 
  14. Lithopaedion: Engorged with Suffering 
  15. Cephalic Carnage: Endless Cycle Of Violence 
  16. Strangle Wire: Through ta Black Lens 
  17. Desecrate the Faith: Daemons Nos Ave Satanas
  18. Flesh Hoarder: Burnt, Scraped, Dumped
  19. Splattered: Sculpted Flesh Puppet
  20. Guttural Secrete: Coprophilic Asphyxia 
  21. Cerebral Incubation: Gargling Gelatinous Menstruation The intro to this song straight up cracks me up

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