Playlist of the Week: April 2018 in Review (Part 2)

In addition to Las Rageous there was a plethora of shows around town in April.

Here are some of the other artists that graced the large and small stages of the entertainment capital.

  1. Tzimani: Over Drive
  2. Poolside At the Flamingo: She Had Crypt Keeper Hair
  3. Gourmand: Greater Questions 
  4. Unmerciful: Masochistic Rampage
  5. Sons of Apollo: God of the Sun 
  6. Fallen Suns: Wither
  7. The Word Alive: Red Clouds 
  8. Black Map: And We Explode Pt. 1 
  9. 10 Years: Virtigo
  10. Highly Suspect: Bloodfeather
  11. Red Sun Rising: Uninvited 
  12. Them Evils: Have One on Me
  13. Prong: Divide and Conquer
  14. John 5: Welcome to Violence 
  15. Conflict Of Interest: Fade Away
  16. Hell or Highwater: Blister
  17. Aeges:  Another Wasteland 
  18. Escape The Fate: Breaking Me Down 
  19. The Goddamn Gallows: Waiting Around to Die 
  20. Nightwish: Nemo- Remastered

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