Playlist of the Week: April 2018 in Review (Part 1)

Las Rageous 2018 is behind us but the music still echos through the air in Downtown Event Center if you cant hear it … here is a playlist instead …

  1. A Perfect Circle: Judith
  2. Judas Priest: Painkiller
  3. Five Finger Death Punch: I Apologize
  4. Saxon: Princess of the Night 
  5. Vyces: Nocturnal 
  6. Pop Evil: Ways To Get High 
  7. A Day To Remember: Bullfight
  8. New Years Day: Relentless 
  9. Slaves: Let This Haunt You 
  10. Otherwise: Nothing to Me
  11. Clutch: The Devil & Me
  12. Underoath: Writing On The Walls 
  13. Silence Speaks: Despondency
  14. Bad Wolves: Run For Your Life
  15. Joyous Wolf: Mountain Man 
  16. Black Star Riders: Soldierstown
  17. Hollywood Undead: Save Me
  18. Ded: FMFY
  19. Adelitas Way: Save The World 
  20. In this Moment: Whore

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