Show In Review: N.E. Last Words- St. Patrick’s Day CD Release Party


Never Ending Last Words threw down a bad ass  CD Release party at The Dive Bar on Saint Patty’s Day. They had a huge merch tent popped up right in front of the entrance of this faved local venue along with a food truck with meaty delicious food to fill your belly and soak up some of that booze.

There was police presence in the parking lot for a good minute parked right behind my truck. And this stalkerish yet irritatingly kinda cute merch guy who kept harassing me to buy my album copy and some extra merch.

20180317_231555I have some extremely fond memories of this band. They are always happy to see me.  They embrace the people who support them like family. Not gonna lie, it makes me tear up a little bit when I think back to how accepting they are of me as a person. I am loud, vulgar and obnoxious but I am accepted and appreciated by all of them as an individual.

They have truly embraced the scream machine (if you have heard me at shows…you already know.) My roommate was in the rest room laughing her ass off when she heard me 20180317_232000screaming. (yes that’s how loud I am. The other chicks in the bathroom thought she was losing it. “Fuckin’ Annie” and then straight laughter from one of the stalls, they probably thought she was high.

From the time Jackson let me sit on his lap on the edge of the stage to that epic first Mosh Pit at The Dive Bar with the glorious trophy bruises for weeks afterwards. Being blinded by Randy Trent’s pale legs when he is coming on to or getting off the stage. it’s a site to behold ladies …really gets your snail trail going. There is NEVER a dull moment when I go see them destroy the stage.

There were a few bands invited to come tear down the stage with them. All Vegas local bands, which was awesome. Those in honorable mention are  Honor Amongst Thieves, Rust Rebellion and Mastiv all delivering some pretty fantastic performances.

There was a group of women dancing along to Rust Rebellion in a hilarious and slightly ridiculous fashion. Always glad to see people having a blast and not caring for any kind of judgement that may be made by those around them. They tried to drag me in after i lightly head banged to a couple of songs….but I was like ….NOOOOOOOOOOpe….nope nope nope nope. I don’t booty bump and hold hands, not my style. I also think one of them is the one that kept grabbing my butt. Ladies … I like you too…boobies are awesome…but I’m more of a fan of curvy red heads. But Hey … I hear the Bassist is on PoF…get on it.


During their set, Jo Jo,  a former member of NELW joined them on stage after a brief intermission  for their song Values and a handful more. (the video is of poor sound quality but decent enough to reflect the experience from the very front of the stage)

Brian and Tyler got down off the stage and had the crowd huddle around them for a more intimate moment of badassery with some “Pease Porridge Hot” with Jackson coming down of the stage with his guitar for a minute or two.

Brian put the damn mic in my face during their cover 20180317_233048 Rage Against The Machines “Killing In The Name” …. this is the second time he has done this at a show. I have stage fright beyond belief and I am never prepared for this shit. Next time I should just scream some shrill high pitched shreek and he will never do it again.

On top of that ….Jo Jo almost shot me in the face with his confetti cannon before Tyler saved me from the facial from hell. (get your minds out of the gutter it was a legit confetti cannon / popper).  There was a moment where i was like nooooo he’s going to 20180317_235833see he is pointing that thing at my face and move it…. NOPE …dude was straight up struggling with setting it off and my face was about to be a casualty. In that moment my mind just went FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I’m going to be that person that gets messed up at the show. So HUGE THANK YOU to Tyler for saving my face.

The night was full of booze, laughs and great music and ended way too soon. I hugged them goodbye after some post show lingering and mingling and was on my way home to pass out after a good time.

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