Opinionated Metalhead: Starts with a D ends with N….

….A whole lot of dick suckin in between…..

There is a level of bull shit that a person can take. Since I am not a member of any band or affiliated with any band and am a large supporter of the scene, I’m just going to say what everybody is thinking.

When the talent doesn’t match the ego and the ego is equivalent to that of 100 elephants in a tiny ass room …clearly…you got a fucking problem bro. Take the silver dildo out of your ass and play nice with the rest of the children before I eat you alive.



Hey guys…so….Two sentences was not enough for me to clarify my feelings in retort to some of the shit being posted. I expect more from people, especially people old enough to be my parent. And I will be 30 this year so fuck you people if you think I’m young.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this shit posted by a couple of these individuals and frankly it pisses me the fuck off. When people act like others don’t deserve the success they have,  that they have worked their asses off for, it pisses me the fuck off.

When people act like they are entitled to success being shared with them purely for the fact that they are in the same business and the same scene…shut the fuck up. You don’t deserve it if you haven’t worked for it yourself. And clearly you need to take a look in the fucking mirror if you aren’t succeeding

  1. If you can’t keep members to save your life for more than six months to actually practice enough to put on a decent live show…shut the fuck up
  2. If your vocals are all over the place …shut the fuck up
  3. If your lyrical writing in your new shit …because the actual writer is gone .. is lazy fucking writing …shut the fuck up
  4. If your egos are bigger than any circle pit you can find at a Slayer show…shut the fuck up, look in the fucking mirror and check your shit

People like me are ticket buyers, we buy merch, we share your music, we buy CD’s. We go to national shows. We go to regional shows. We go to local shows. AND we support the fuck  out of people. If you for once second think you’re above the rest of the people working just as hard…fuck you…

To be frank the people I am talking about …your music FUCKING SUCKS.  It sucks. your writing is lazy. Your set is not tight and you cant keep guitarists to save your fucking lives. When you attack the broader spectrum of what I support in local metal and hard rock scene, you are poisoning the well. You are attacking the fans that support all 3 areas…regional bands …local bands … national bands…international touring bands…fuck you dude…fuck your egos…fuck all of you.

Oh yeah….I wrote notes…..

As a fan I understand that touring bands and local bands that have a measure of success are busy they  don’t always have time to go to  shows and support your shit.

So….I’m shaking with rage right now…

The last thing someone …like national bands ..say FFDP just gonna name drop…do you really think they want to go to a show after they’ve done a tour across multiple countries? Probably not. they probably want to spend time with their family and friends that they haven’t seen for 6 months out of the fucking year and relax and breath the last thing they want to do is go to a show.

But yet I see Corey Taylor , fuckin  Tommy Vext I’ve seen you know (I was thinking Chris Kael but the name was not coming to me during the rage filming of this FB Live rant.) I’ve seen lots of people who are in these bands come to shows and support local bands when they don’t have to. I’ve seen local bands who have gotten success support other local bands.

If your band isn’t being included in that support then it  that means your shit sucks and your shit stinks and your ego is poisoning the well that they don’t want to be a fucking part of.  No body wants to fucking deal with you if you’re a fucking dick.

Don’t be jealous because a younger, more talented band is getting success …that’s all i gotta say…if you got a problem with it bros find me in the fucking mosh pit ill push your ass down just like everybody else. Savage Annie Out.

#SavageAnnie #SupportLocalBands #ButDontBeADick #MakeMetalThriveAgain


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