Playlist of the Week: Into the Pit’s Melodic Death Metal Mix


Because it’s what you should be listening to ….let’s get ready to RAGE!

  1. Red Raven Down: Ashes
  2. Be’lakor: Tre’aste
  3. Sonic Syndicate: History Repeats Itself
  4. Soilwork: This Momentary Bliss
  5. Pain Confessor: Grief
  6. Arkan: Origins
  7. Before the Dawn: Monsters
  8. Destinity: Can’t Stand the Sight
  9. Rain of Acid: Unchained
  10. Septicflesh: Martyr
  11. Skyfire: Realm Of Silence
  12. Persefone: No Faced Mindless
  13. Svartsot: Allerkaeresten min
  14. Insomnium: While We Sleep
  15. Mors Principium Est: God Has Fallen 
  16. Dissection: Maha-Kali
  17. Mercenary: Embrace the Nothing 
  18. Edge of Sanity: Black Tears 
  19. Catamenia: Blood Trails 
  20. Decapitated: Spheres of Madness 

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