Playlist Of The Week: Thrashing With Larry Part 2

Bringing back this badassery with an extra 8 songs to add to your shreddtastic experience.

Play List 02/05/2018-02/11/2018: Thrashing with Larry

  1. Slayer: Repentless
  2. Sepultura.: Beneath the Remains
  3. Machine Head: Halo
  4. Lamb of God: Red Neck
  5. Gwar: Sick of You
  6. Meshuggah: Future Breed Machine
  7. Death: Open Casket
  8. White Chapel: The Saw Is the Law
  9. Suicide Silence: You Only Live Once
  10. Carcass: Heartwork
  11. Despised Icon: A Fractured Hand
  12. Obituary: Slowly We Rot 
  13. Cannibal Corpse: Hammer Smashed Face
  14. Decapitated: Spheres of Madness
  15. Arch Enemy: Nemesis
  16. At the Gates: Slaughter Of The Soul
  17. Whitechapel: Possession
  18. All Shall Perish: Wage Slaves
  19. Trivium: In Waves
  20. DevilDriver: Clouds Over California

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