Show in Review: Void Vator & Rust Rebellion

Vegas Rock Revolution‘s John Gist put together another shredtastic line up with Vile Child, Rust Rebellion & Void Vator at Count’s Vamp’d on March 8th, 2018. I missed the set for Vile Child but those guys are thrash-tastic from what I’ve heard of them.

I must say that Count’s Vamp’d has some of the best sound of all the venues in Vegas. Although I am not a huge fan of the lay out with the giant wall between the bar and the stage (to be fair though it probably helps with the acoustics). This is also not a mosh pit friendly venue and normally attracts an older crowd in comparison to places like The Dive Bar or Backstage Bar and Billiards. But best and worst venues are a discussion for another day…onto the show review.



Vegas locals Vile Child give off a melodic instrumental metal feel with their elaborate guitar work. One of my favorite songs from them being Lake of Acheron. Their songs with vocals aren’t really my cup of tea but they come close in Step Up.



The main band I came to see in the lineup was Rust Rebellion , another Vegas local band. Guitarist Seth Wolther shot me an invite to the show after sending me their music video for “Ghost”.

Lead singer Zach Tramba showed off his talents beyond vocals with the keyboard and guitar. Periodically opening songs with” this is the part where they let me play guitar” and” this is the part where they let me play guitar and keyboard….at the same time.”

Their Bass guitarist Wayne King provides comedic relief by telling the crowd about his Tinder exploits.  According to Seth and the gang he fucks on the first date … so …. ladies…. hit him up for a good or possibly disappointing time (you never know which way those things will go).

The Wayne even “mushroom stamped” a poster for me after their set (seriously this is what convinced me to buy it). Lifted his kilt and bla-blowwww!… mushroom stamped it or at least appeared to do so. Either way it was amusing as fuck. Although there was a sweat stain visible from the back of the poster, so it is possible he did actually do it.



Coming to you from L.A. Kings Territory, Uruguay nationals turned US Citizens Lucas Kanopa (Vocals/Guitar) and German Moura (Drums) and their fellow rockers Erik Kluiber (Guitar) and Sam Harman (Bass) killed the stage with some major shreddage. Highly recommend you check out their music video for “No Return” and their EP Released last year “Dehumanized”.

I must say,  when Void Vator took the stage, the amount of hair alone was impressive. They reminded me of the first time I saw Striker live. The days of hair metal are not yet over folks…praise be the long locks that fan the audience with the scent of beard oil , man sweat and cologne. You can hear the Pantera & Iron Maiden influences in their music if you listen closely and are familiar with the way either of those glorious rock god level bands compose their music.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall this show was a hit keeping the crowd engaged through each set. There was not a period where my head was not moving with the music.  4 thumbs up from me, because I mysteriously produced 2 more hands out of my ass…that’s right … deal with it.

#SupportLocalBands #ButDontBeADick #SavageAnnieDontPlay #ThrashOrDie
#ShredLife #RiffsMakeMeWet


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