Opinionated Metalhead: Loud and Proud

March 31st, 2018 I went to Count’s Vamp’d to help throw a surprise birthday party for a good and well deserving friend who happens to be the singer for a well known local band. While at the bar grabbing a beer I was told by one of the regular bar tenders that during my previous visit  I was “too loud”.  That I was the loudest person at that venue in the 8 years he has been there.  He, supposedly, had received complaints that I was giving someone a headache by cheering and doing my normal scream while on purse watching duty on the night in question. To the point where it was stated that he sent security over to tell me to be quiet.

To be frank, this pissed me off. For one, I have no recollection of security coming over to address my loudness at any point in time aside from when one of our friends was screaming “security” as a joke, for which I was indeed talked to about.

I motor-boated boobs and had my face near one of my friends asses and twisted my buddy Dave’s nipple but i didn’t bug the people I didn’t know in any disrespectful or indecent way. (minus one spank to a bouncer’s bottom which he barely noticed…that one I’ll take responsibility for…he was fine as hell and I would sit on his face.)

Just because someone is having a rough night because they had too much booze and coke and cant handle me having a good time while they’re coming down doesn’t mean that I am too loud. The people who came to a KNOWN ROCK VENUE after a bender and decided to blame their hangover on me can go screw themselves with a dull serrated blade up the ass with no lube.

This, quite honestly, makes me not want him to serve my drinks anymore #notipsforhaters . We noticed, on the night in question, that this particular bar tender was crabby from the beginning. So he can also close his legs and stop showing us his mangina, as it is not becoming of a customer service representative.

This entire altercation made me want to be less friendly with the staff and sucked some of the enjoyment out of the rest of the night. There is nothing worse than someone telling you that you being yourself and having fun is a problem for them and their venue.

I am loud and sometimes obnoxious but I have fun and am respectful about it (as crass as I am sometimes) . I am not falling on my ass and stumbling about or picking fights with people. I monitor how much I drink as to not go overboard and yet …. now I feel like a scolded child for enjoying myself at a place that is meant to be attended for such enjoyment.

I hope that in retrospect , this gentleman that is unhappy with himself and his current life, feels like a dick and knows better than to say this kind of thing to someone else in the future.

#SupportLocalMusic #ButDontBeADick #NoTipsForHaters #SavageAnnieDontPlay


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