Playlist of the Week: The Most Un-Metal…Metal Playlist Ever

The dudes from Vatican Falling offered up some songs from each of their personal playlists. Don’t forget to check out their new single Masqeurade on Spotify & Youtube.

  1. Savage Garden: Truly Madly Deeply
  2. Make Them Suffer: Uncharted
  3. Pantera: Shedding Skin
  4. Primus: My Name Is Mud
  5. Dimmu Borgir: The Serpentine Offering
  6. As you Drown: Driven by Hatred
  7. Chrome Korleone: 16 oz
  8. Eric Johnson: Cliffs of Dover
  9. Kansas: Dust in the Wind -The song that inspired Dustin’s parents to name him Dust-in….now if only his middle name was “the wind”
  10. Future: Mask Off
  11. Heart: Alone
  12. Spark Master Tape: Live in Lavish – not available on spotify but here is the youtube video 🙂
  13. As Blood Runs Black: My Fears Have Become Phobias
  14. Chicago: Hard to Say I’m Sorry
  15. We Butter the Bread with Butter: Gluhwurmchen
  16. Alterbeast: Apex Night Eclipse
  17. Queen: Somebody to Love
  18. Marty Robbins: El Paso
  19. Within the Ruins: New Holy War
  20. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas: Crossover 

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