Show in Review: Silence Speaks, Oscillation, Vatican Falling , Mynas AND Machine Head!!!!

Another trip down to Eagles Aerie Hall for an all ages metaltastic show. This time I took 20180301_220231my girlfriend along with me to pop her Metal Show / Local Band Show cherry. Have no fear I made it totally worth it for her.  We were,  of course, fashionably a smidge late.

Taking someone to their first metal show is always a fun experience. Most people don’t know what to expect. It fills them with a level of anxiety and curiosity all at once. Eventually satiated with an awesome experience.

Silence Speaks was the first band  playing when we walked in. These talented dudes are contenders in the XPOZ Battle of the Fans 2018 competition for a spot in the line up for Las Rageous. During their set they attacked the crowd with musical vigor whilst fans subjugated themselves to synchronized head banging and semblance of a small pit began to swirl.


Oscillation tore it up with some extra fab lighting and some gnarly head banging from the guitarist. I couldn’t get decent photos of it but it was fun to watch. It made me want to head-bang to that level along with him. I’m talking like almost sumo squat bent over with head inches from the floor head-bang while holding/ playing a guitar.  Dustin from VF come he didn’t lose his hat like you? you should hit him up for some tips.



Vatican Falling filled in on the docket due to one of the other bands having van trouble. Always a fun time watching them play. Never a dull moment. These guys had the crowd raising their hands and swaying in the air like some pop-ballad before going straight into head-bang mode. And of course….Dustin’s hat flew off at least once through their set as it always does. Dustin, I will buy you some bobby pins or something bro, or maybe a chin strap.


There was a circle around Dustin during a guitar riff. All Praise the guitarists who can shred! But lets not discount Marc who was neglected during his riffs …. how dare you people…he is talented and important too!!!! See the Facebook live video of part of there set to see Marc jamming out.


Mynas: Hands down some of my best photos of vocalists are of Miles. Just look at them! Anyway … These guys demolish the stage/ linoleum tiled floor of any venue they play at. Again all hail the guitarist …when Jeff starts to slay on the guitar with some mad riffs, a circle of fans and band members bowing and kneeling before him forms.  All that’s missing is the chick flashing them and screaming “put a baby in me” …dudes you don’t count sorry. But since this was an all ages show and groupies are slowly dying out  I’m glad it didn’t go down that road.


I kind of wish this venue had better lighting , the photos I am able to take leave something to be wanted in comparison to the in person view. This makes it hard to promote / market for this venue but  I still love it. Cheap drinks and good bands are always a fun time.

Our night didn’t stop there as we made our way to The House of Blues, Las Vegas for Part 2 of our shred-tastic evening.  We were off to catch the tail end of Machine Head!!!!!Due to other obligations supporting some of the local bands in part one of our adventurous evening, we popped in sometime after 9/930 pm. The crowd was going , the mosh pit was flowing. The lighting and stage set up made them look like gods among rock-stars.


One of the ultimate bands to cross off any serious metal-head’s list. Walking in you could see the balcony had black out curtains all the way around. The floor was packed, but not too packed so you could actually enjoy yourself. They did this on purpose to have a limited audience and I commend them for it.

It’s not often that you see a band go out of their way to book a smaller venue and  eliminate the balcony 20180301_221526-ANIMATIONseats to boot. It made for an intimate experience that is truly unforgettable. To see them live …it is really hard to explain the euphoria that you are struck with. You would have to have been there.

Rob , Dave, Phil and Jared all looked like they were having a blast jamming out on stage. Like ….it’s still fucking fun for 20180301_223052them to do this shit after all these years. You don’t see that with every band. Some of them just look fucking tired and out of it with limited crowd engagement. But these guys …. ugh…I wish I could find the words.  Phil Demmel and Robb Flynn made for some great photos and memories feeding off each other’s energy as they shred through some amazing riffs.

Not even going to lie there were some moments where I just stared in utter unequivocal awe at the stage. Not moving, just watching and soaking the entire experience in. I wanted to retain ALL OF IT so that I could replay it in my mind whenever I feel like it. There were some moments I felt the music to the point where I was welling up with tears of pure happiness. It quelled any lingering rage I had.

All and all it was a raging night of head banging with horns or a fist up in the air. Thanks for raging in the pit with me!

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