Opinionated Metalhead: Shit Talking in the Local Scene- a Band Eat Band World

I might make some enemies with this,  but I feel the need to speak out for my scene. I’m not a musician. I have an endless amount of admiration for anyone who can pick up a guitar and spend the hours, days and years that it takes to continually work towards the perfect song and the perfect riff.

I love my local bands. My musical family. If there is one place I feel like I belong the most in this world it is at a local show. People know my name even though I’m not in a band. I am not someone that is easily forgotten. Not for something stupid I did in public to make a fool of myself,  but the fact that I am honest , real and an absolute savage that supports the scene.

That being said ,  I see the amount of shit talking that is absolutely destroying this scene. There are always a few self entitled assholes with superiority complexes that say in public that they aren’t “better” than everyone else yet act like entitled pricks behind closed doors.

You people….you fucking know who you are…. you are what is TOXIC in this scene. You have free time and money to go to a shit ton shows? Great…that is your way of supporting them. Don’t bash the other bands who have day jobs, families and other shit going on that prevents them from being able to show up. They still share event links, buy merch and promote other bands music.

What about their family lives, day jobs, band rehearsals, their own shows and studio time? Is that not as valuable to building the scene? Are you mad that they aren’t attending YOUR shows? Maybe you shouldn’t be looking at the people you are chastising and ask why they aren’t showing up to yourselves in a mirror.

I  do not want to support bands that talk shit about other bands.  Especially if they can’t keep their own house in shape while casting stones and have had band members overheard talking shit about bands they came to “support” AT THE VENUE. Not to mention having publicly visible spats on social media with other bands.

There are some bands I will still be supportive of, but I may not necessarily go to shows for. It’s  not because I don’t like them as people but in some cases their music isn’t really my style. I’m happy to share events and music they send me but I don’t get bashed for not showing up. Why would you treat your fellow musicians in a way you wouldn’t treat your non-musician fans?

I personally spend thousands of dollars a year on going to the amount of shows that I do, on top of my day job, on top of the other shit I have going on. It’s my own free time and its their own free time. You cant bash and belittle people for wanting to sometimes just  sit at home pants-less and fucking RELAX. There are weekends I just don’t want to go out. You going to bash me for having a life too? My world and their worlds don’t revolved around you…come at me bros.

If you are one of THOSE people this is referencing check your ego and take the stick out of your ass. Realize that you are burning bridges with both fans and other bands who could be supporting you when they are able. #SupportLocalMusic #ButDontBeADick #SavageAnnie #MyRantIsOverToo



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