Las Vegas Metal: Silence Speaks…and they can SHRED!

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Silence Speaks playing at The ChXrch Right to Left: Noah (Guitar) , Shawn (Drums), Brandon (vocals) , Aaron (Bass)

Silence Speaks is an up and coming mixed sub-genre metal band in the Vegas hardcore underground. These guys can legit shred. Clean compositions with some great riffs and rough growlesk vocals. Newly formed as of November 2017, all the members of this youthful spirited band have done some other smaller projects together in one way or another and have known each other for years. All to finally form this organically synced unit.

Miles, from another local favorite Mynas, had introduced them to Dustin with Vatican Falling. After hearing what they had on the table Dustin helped them through the studio process to drop their first single. Despondency was completely rehashed in the studio. I had the pleasure of having a listen during my interview to the original version. Their 2nd single “Mad Dog” just dropped on February 16th, 2018.

I had the opportunity to sit down with the band and really dig into what influenced them to get into music and helped mold their individual play styles.

Shawn (15) Drummer: Since the age of 9 he’d been watching his cousin’s band  A City 27939805_10215974093173896_766769316_n - CopyMisleading. Their drummer inspired him to start playing the drums and it’s been his calling ever since. Other inspirations include the From Minutes to Midnight album by Linkin Park, Travis Barker from Blink 182, Luke Holland, and last but not least Chelsea Grin’s drummer Pablo Viveros who plays with a level of passion and aggression that Shawn’s style caters to.

Sean’s Dream Tour Line Up: Spite, Distinguisher, Sabella, Traders, Wage War, Hole Hearted,  Weak Hearts

27939709_10215974100614082_1879879304_n - CopyAaron (19) Bass Guitar: Grew up with a variety of music in the house. His family being big supporters as he went from drums to bass guitar. As he got more heavily into guitar the “slappy” style from Korn’s very own Reginald Arvizu  called to him and his love for the Bass kept flourishing.

Aaron’s Dream Tour Line Up: Lamb of God, Knocked Lose, The Word Alive, Misdirection

Brandon (19) Vocals: Music has always been a thing in his life. His uncle was a huge role 28052466_10215974095453953_1051329558_n - Copymodel for him and inspired him to pick up the guitar. Starting with listening to old-school punk bands such as the Misfits, Sex Pistols, Coal Chamber and Static X; He escalated to the heavier, deeper sounds of Corey Taylor from Slipknot and the emotional realness of Beartooth. Brandon’s writing style stems from the Misfits “don’t give a fuck what people think” attitude, while his vocal influences are mainly from Corey Taylor.

Brandon’s Dream Tour Line Up: Beartooth, We Came as Romans, Miss May I

Noah (18) Electric Guitar: He didn’t grow up around metal, but musical talent runs 27849536_10215974097574006_1651282519_n - Copyrampant in his veins. His mother is a singer and his father is a keyboardist / producer for Bonafide  He had pretty heavy R&B and Ragae influences from the start. He got into hard rock and metal while attending School of Rock where he was exposed to bands such as Metallica, Coheed & Cambria, Billy Talent, and Chon. Most of his current inspiration and influences stem from more experimental bands like Toska and Dorje who both got their start on youtube. Their unique, complicated and emotionally tumultuous dynamic of their guitar work really speaks to him.

Noah’s Dream Tour Line Up: Fire from the Gods, Skindred, Periphery, Fish Leg

Craziest Fan Interactions…So Far…

~In a desperate attempt to sell tickets to one of their previous shows they pimped Shawn out as a date to go on a date with a girl for 3 tickets.

~A girl come over to buy tickets and hang out for a bit. She assumed she could stay the night in Aaron’s room and somehow ended up disappearing. Thinking she had left of her own accord she was later found between some boxes crouched in a corner listening to music and picked up a live rattlesnake she found outside prior to leaving.

Staying motivated can be rough. It took a while to hammer out a rehearsal schedule, but they now have a solid 2 days a week dedicated to keeping the cohesive flow of new music alive. All the people that come up after their sets and compliment them on their showmanship and music gives them that 2nd wind to keep going. Not to mention the continued support from fellow local bands such as Beaten Path, The Nocturnal Affair and Dredge to the Lake.

They aren’t glued to their instruments though. Noah enjoys drawing, video games, and can solve a rubric’s cube in just under a minute on his best day. While Brandon enjoys masturbating to crying kittens (joking).  Aaron enjoys hiding in dark corners to avoid people and fantasizing about a pro video-gamer life. Shawn keeps his hobbies a bit more simplistic with the occasional game of basketball.

Upcoming Shows

March 1st, 2018:  Eagles Aerie Hall with  Mynas,  Signs of the Swarm, Oscillation and more. 

March 10th, 2018:  Hard Rock Café – Battle of the fans 2018 at 6:25pm to 6:45pm, attend/vote for them if you dig their jams 

You can follow Silence Speaks to see what they are up to via their Facebook Page , Website and Spotify. Thanks again for thrashing it out in the pit!

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