Opinionated Metalhead: Injured Metalhead-Resisting the Pit


Most avid concert go-ers have this struggle when they get injured. Do you go to these concerts or do you stay home and heal and miss out on another potentially epic experience? If you go, you’re going to have to take it easy. No wading through the crowd to right in front of the stage. No thirst for the middle of the mosh allowed. This has happened to me multiple times during the last year, and it fucking BLOWS.

I currently attend 4 to 8 shows a month, if I can help it. Last February I had minor surgery and had to be careful about what I did for the next month or so while I 20170209_205219recovered.  This included opting out of several shows I wanted to attend, knowing full well that I would end up performing  some mad slam dance moves if I went.

Once fully recovered, of course, I was immediately back in the game. Throwing myself into people on the outer edges of the pit. Slamming back into the big shirtless dude covered in beer and sweat in the middle challenging people.  Staring down  that one guy that just stands there with his arms crossed in random areas if the song isn’t “mosh-worthy” enough for him. Picking up the drunk chicks that wander in to be “cute” and then continually fall down until someone comes to claim them.

How could I stay away from the adrenaline? The self-induced musical whiplash. All the stresses of the real world can be resolved with a good thrashing in the pit. Head-banging during those drum-tastic equivalents of “when the bass drops”. Purplish red hair flying 20170728_195506every which way with the occasional pause to scream”Fuck Yeah!!!”  The euphoria achieved without a chemically altered state of mind.  It’s pure and chaotic all at once.

The swirl of clashing bodies calls to me like a siren. Come in Annie….the blood and sweat are warm and they are hitting hard tonight! I would go in willingly to my doom every time.  But, then it happened again. My truck got hit late November. Thankfully I am very much alive but injuries require that I yet again stay away from the hardcore dance party. Resisting the urge is torture but worth it in the end (or so I’m told).

Let’s be real…. if you’re hurt don’t make worse by getting in the pit before your body is ready again. I’m not talking about small scrapes and bruises because that’s some pussy shit.  I’m talking incisions, pulled muscles, stitches and broken or sprained shit.  No one wants to get hit by your cast on accident (that shit hurts just FYI) and although blood is a given in any decent pit no one wants you to rip your stitches and bleed all over the place. If your doctor says to take it easy, listen to them and take your time. The pit will always be there waiting.



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