Welcome to the Pit!!!

Thanks for joining me in the pit for some epic slam dancing!

I am just your average hard working  metal and hard rock fan. I am not in a band, however, going to shows and enjoying live music, particularly in support of local bands here in Las Vegas, is something I am passionate about.

The feeling that you get when the music hits you in the chest. The rage you feel when the emotion of the song hits you in the pit. The connection you share with different people from all ages and walks of life. The friendships formed over the love of someones art expressed on the stage. The blood, sweat and tears shed in the mosh pit. There is no better experience to me. It is euphoric in a way that is almost too indescribable to explain and even more difficult for some to understand unless they have lived it.

I will never forget my first live concert. I was a late bloomer getting into the live music scene. I was newly separated and trying to get out more. There was a free concert down by the D on Fremont Street in July 2015. I missed the opening bands by the time i found parking. I swear, I circled that parking garage for almost an hour.

There was a line wrapped around the fenced off area where the crowd was. The stage seemed ridiculously far away. I thought to myself “there is no way I’m going to get even remotely close to it with all these people crowded so close together. ” I went to the bar and asked for a Sailor Jerry and Coke. The bartender turned around and gave  me what was basically a big gulp of alcohol. It was amazing, but my love of rum is for another day.

Trying to find a way inside of this maze, I asked a security guy behind the barrier where the end of the line was. He thought I was cute and told me to go ahead and hop the fence. I almost fell into a trash can in the process. Embarrassed, but determined I made my way about half way through the crowd during the Dropkick Murphy’s set. The music hit me and I just stood there in awe while drinking my giant adult beverage while snapping photos and a couple videos to remember the experience.

There were people screaming overhead on the Fremont Street Zipline while the stage performance was projected onto various surfaces surrounding the stage. It was exhilarating. The song that stood out to me the most was “Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced.”  The energy in the crowd was surreal. Everyone was singing along like you would see in a movie about some pop star. Then it all ended. The crowd dispersed and I was left hungering for more of this insatiable feeling.

You could say that was the night I caught the concert bug. From then on I started going to more bigger shows and festivals and then I was introduced to local bands in April 2017. Courtesy of a really awkward dare from a friend that ended up connecting me with the lead guitarist of an amazing local band, Vatican Falling.

Because of this dare inspired connection, my first local show was the ENVY Showcase, featuring some of the top Las Vegas bands:  https://www.facebook.com/events/196829532007010  

Featuring all of these talented bands: SicocisOPTICLEFT,  Mynas-official, E.M.D.F(Embrace My Darkest Fear) , Vatican Falling, & Pillars Of Creation. 

Since then it has been an eye opening journey with even more new friendships formed. And so the journey continues, and I have decided to take you all with me….into the pit.

There is no finer sonic-producing weapon for a guitar slayer than a hand crafted Gibson masterpiece. ~Ted Nugent

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